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2nd-Generation Family-Owned Business

We’re Chad and Katie Nack, a husband and wife team of second-generation farmers from Denton County. Chad grew up on the farm and learned from his dad, who has raised cattle and grown hay for about 15 years now. We’re not a big operation, but we are family-owned. We live here, work here, and take pride in what we do.




2018 was a rough year. Our cattle needed to be fed and the 100, or so, bales we produced each year wasn’t enough. We bought hay from others when we could find it but ended up spending a small fortune on cattle cubes. If you have cattle in North Texas, you probably went through the same thing or just called it quits and sold your stock. Either way, it was rough.

2019 was different. We bought an 80-acre hay field in Gorman that, along with our Denton County property, keeps our cattle well-fed. So much so that we had some extra and wanted to help others like us make sure their animals always have hay. With that, we started Nack Hay Farms. 

2020 was an interesting year for everyone. We always had cattle but wanted to transition our small herd into the business breed that angus is known for to share our beef with friends and family. After tons of research and careful consideration, we decided to launch Nack Land & Cattle Co.

2021 changed everything for our little farm. To fill the demand and create a legacy, we made the transition to a boutique Registered Black Angus company that specializes in herd genetics and quality beef. We hope to give back to our community while pioneering the meat industry in the DFW marketplace.



grass-fed, grain-finished beef

Our beef is processed at a first-class USDA-certified facility that specializes in red meat. Everything you receive from us will carry the USDA inspection seal and our custom ranch label. Our beef is dry-aged 14-21 days for maximum tenderness and flavor. As always, no antibiotics and no added hormones. Just 100% pure Angus beef.

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